The King Mask

A brass mask adorned with mammoth hair


This helm is thousands of years old and has the properties of an artefact. The helm grants its wearer the following magical powers:

- The wearer receives a +6 bonus to strength
- The wearer’s voice is audible within 500 feet if he so desires
- The wearer speaks and understands all spoken languages
- The wearer is immune to cold and heat
- The wearer becomes immune to mind affecting spells and abilities
- Only magical weapons may harm the wearer

The mask has a rudimentary intelligence whith which it encourages the wearer to do good and support the cause of men. When the wearer abuses his powers he will awake one morning to find the mask gone. It will vanish and find a more suitable owner.


This holy mask is as old as the oldest men. According to legends it has been send from Heaven by the Sky God so men could unite behind a single strong, immortal leader.

The people from the north respectfully call the owner of the mask Vulgaris Magistralis, he is the immortal, untouchable, incarnation of the Gods on earth. As soon as a man puts on the mask he becomes this mythical hero and his previous live is forfeit. The person he was is no longer. What most people don’t know is that the mask doesn’t grand the bearer immortality. Instead the mask is passed on from man to man and the role of the Magistralis has been taken on by many heroes. The wearer of the mask is seen as the same individual since the beginning of time, even though he has not been born as the Vulgaris Magistralis.

The King Mask

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