Greater God

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Good, Luck, Travel, Water

Symbols: A ripple in the water, a gull

Favoured weapon: Trident

Appearance: Often Atho is depicted as a giant of a man up to his middle in the waves. He has a long beard of seaweed, knotted with shells and inhabited by various sea creatures. His armament of choice is a glowing trident which he always carries with him. Atho’s eyes are blue like the sea, his eyebrows like dark clouds on the horizon.

Personality: Atho is a good hearted, caring, but distant god. He fully trusts his followers and only helps when they are in dire need. Even in those cases he rather sends his helper the Water dwarf. He hates Kiputytto and the decay she brings. For this reason he will never appear in brackish water.

Offerings: Offering to Atho are made by pouring small gifts of wine in the water, or in the surf. Wishing wells in temples of Atho removed from bodies of water are common. These buildings are marble buildings with many pools and basins. Ceremonies are always held around water as well. When servants of Atho place offerings in water that is not deemed pure he will likely punish them.

Followers: Inhabitants of Merma are usually followers of the sea god, but so are many sailors and pirates. Many of his followers also live inland next to the lakes and rivers.


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