Greater God

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Law, Luck, Magic, Protection, Death

Symbols: A (barbed) whip, a crown of bones

Favoured weapon: Whip

Appearance: Ebisu, often revered to as Honourable Ebisu, resembles a fat, ogre mage, with a spiky black beard and a crown of bones, in ornate robe. The symbol of pain is depicted on his left shoulder and in his right hand he carries a slender whip. Ebisu is often depicted sitting on a massive throne in the clouds.

Personality: Ebisu believes there is no other purpose to life other than working. Ebisu allows slavery as he believes the weak should serve the strong. It is said he will reward those that work hard by blessing their endeavours. He is on the other hand a cruel master that does not allow any form of disobedience.

Offerings: Ebisu requires hefty sacrifices from his followers; meagre offerings are seen as insults. Being an ogre, Honourable Ebisu revels in the sacrifice of life. Intelligent, weak creatures are among his favourites. Slaves that disobey are disembowelled and their blood burned as the life slowly ebbs out of them. Although Ebisu cares little for them, offerings of livestock are acceptable for those that rather not take intelligent life.

Followers: All Hobgoblins are expected to revere the Honourable Ebisu and most do. He is exceptionally popular with the wealthy and slaven owners, as they believe Ebisu is the embodiment of all they wish: power and wealth. Clerics of Ebisu must work very hard to appease their god, not working for at least twelve hours a day is considered a deadly sin. He rules over the body and soul of Hobgoblins.


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