Some struggle to find purpose to their lives. They do not know what their day is going to look like the moment they get up. Fighters, on the other hand, have a very clear purpose in mind. These hardened men and women are among the most highly trained warriors in the world. Every fighter embraces a different tactic, however, no two are exactly alike. They specialize in many techniques, or master a single and fight for honor, peace, gold or for the sake of fighting itself.

Most adventures come with a fair share of danger and, more often than not, combat. The continent is a dangerous place where evil lurks in every shadow. Fighters feel right at home a midst the danger and many find roles in adventuring parties as protectors or soldiers. A good amount of hit points, great strength and a wide range of armor and weapon proficiencies make them powerful allies.

Many fighters choose either dexterity or strength as their main ability score, depending on their preferred combat style. A high constitution boosts a fighter already formidable number of hit points, which high wisdom prevents a fighter from succumbing to magic.

There are many reasons to fight, good or evil ones. The most evil, selfish individuals and the most noble, philanthropic ones can be found among them. Typically good and lawful fighters tend to be more popular guards among groups of adventurers, as you want to make sure you can trust the one keeping watch at night. Evil fighters tend to be feared adversaries as their high toughness and formidable armor class makes them hard to defeat.

Fighters are not necessarily religious, but if they are they are often drawn to either Ilmarinen, Ukko or Surma. Hobgoblin fighters worship Hachiman.

Fighting is as old as the world. Throughout history, many different techniques and philosophies regarding fighting have emerged. Fighters that share a school or master tend to see each other as brothers, while fighters with different training often see each other as rivals. Not every man that can hold a weapon is considered a fighter: one needs to complete a very heavy, intensive training program before one earns that honor. Fighters are the elite warriors of armies, specialist mercenaries and mythical heroes. They win long, exhausting tournaments or prove themselves against seemingly impossible odds. It is uncommon that a fighter refers to himself as a fighter. Instead the brunt of them take on a title related to their training. So a fighter may call himself an archer, a two-hander, a hammer shield or an executioner.

Becoming a Fighter
A fighter is made into the combat-machine he is by years of grueling training. Many fighters learn from masters or schools. Some are trained to be part of a guard, or army, while others seek the mentor-ship of veterans. Their trials tend to be as hard as the fighters should be, often involving dangerous fights against multiple lesser opponents, or duels in weighed-down armor.

Dwarves and Hobgoblins have an extensive history in the art of war. Many humans and Half-dwarves show talent for fighting and have the devotion and strength to endure the harsh training.

Adventurers tend to feel very safe behind the broad shoulders of a fighter. Having an individual around who specializes solely in combat makes fighting a more viable option. Fighters are valued protectors and attackers.


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