Gnoll Bard

Gnoll bards zijn rondreizende troubadours die spelen op het traditionele instrument van gnolls: de tamboerijn. Ze verheffen het slaan op het instrument en dansen op de maat tot een echte kunst, die ze combineren met vechten met een mace, het traditionele wapen van gnolls.

Gnoll Bard Racial Substitution Levels

Level Bab F/R/W Special
1 0 0/2/2 Bardic music, Bardic knowledge, Inspire Courage +1
2 1 0/3/3 Instil Fear
3 2 1/3/3 Inspire Frenzy

Skillpoints: When a gnoll bard takes a Substitution level he has 4 skillpoints (plus intelligence modifier) for that level, or 4 times that amount on level 1.

Hit die: d10. At every substitution level the gnoll bard gains 1d10 hitpoint instead of 1d6.

Class Features

Bardic Music: Functions like bardic music in the PHB, but the gnoll must choose a percussion instrument as their instrument.

Inspire Courage +1: Functions as in the PHB. Gnoll bards lack the refined playing ability to use other types of bardic music at this point.

Instil Fear: At 2nd level the gnoll bard may instil fear into his opponents. All foes within a 30 feet radius of the bard become shaken while listening to the bard playing. This effect lasts while the bard plays, plus five rounds. It does not affect mindless or undead opponents, and it may affect an opponent but once in 24 hours. This ability costs a use of bardic music as normal.

Inspire Frenzy: Level three gnoll bards do not inspire competence, but frenzy. While inspiring frenzy the gnoll bard and his allies have +2 to hit and damage while fighting with melee weapons, this is considered a morale bonus. The frenzy lasts while playing and for five rounds afterwards. This frenzy is tiring and all recipients are fatigued for one minute after the frenzy ends. This ability may only be used once per day and costs a use of bardic music as normal.

Gnoll Bard

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