Gnolls are a spiritual race of nomads that mainly inhabits the hills of Vuorilas and the White Mountains. Small groups can also be found in cities, where they have a reputation for creativity. Their wanderlust makes Gnolls common drifters and hirelings. They serve no god, but worship the flow of magic, the light of the stars that guides their path. Gnolls are commonly known for their fiery temperaments, outspoken opinions and love for freedom.

Although most Gnolls are almost as tall as Humans, but more lean, they are remarkable sturdy. Their sinewy body is covered with brown, grey, or black fur and their head resembles that of a dog or wolf hound. To the common races the male and female Gnolls look identical, but Gnolls themselves smell the difference instantly. They clothe themselves in home made, exuberant cloth, or highly decorated leathers. Most Gnolls adore earrings and other jewellery as it helps them express their individualism.

Gnolls are a nomadic race that have never drifted towards either good or evil. They have blended almost seamlessly with the locals and seldom cause problems. It is said the first Gnolls came from the mountains, where men bred with hounds, although saying this to a Gnoll is a likely way to get your nose bloodied.

Small family groups or packs of Gnolls can be found in almost all large cities. Caravans of Gnolls also travel between cities with trade goods or to perform. Their knowledge of the stars makes them sought after as fortune tellers, as the common folk believe Gnolls can sometimes glimpse into the future. For this reason many of the common folk are ill at ease around Gnolls: they are afraid to incur their wrath and become cursed.

Family, faith and freedom are the important foundations of the Gnoll culture. Family packs can travel together for years, or disband in a single afternoon. From early on Gnoll children are encouraged to develop their inner artist in any way they choose. They are also taught to form an opinion on anything concerning them or their relatives, which is practically everything. Gnolls have an easygoing, helpful nature, which often leads them into careers of performers or mercenaries.

As long as Gnolls remember their ancestors have been gazing at the stars. They believe their light guides the people who walk on the earth through their lives. This light is also the source of magic on earth and the elements themselves. Young Gnolls sometimes pick up other religions they find interesting on the side.


  • +2 Wisdom, -2 Intelligence. Gnolls are wise, but tend to be slow learners.
  • Medium: As Medium creatures, gnolls have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Gnoll base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Low-light vision.
  • +2 racial bonus on Spellcraft, Profession (Astrologer) and Knowledge Arcana. Gnolls are a mystical people.
  • Look to the Stars: When using magic of the Divination type, gnolls cast the spell as if one caster level higher.
  • Direction sense: Gnolls learn to navigate and study the stars from a young age on. They can never be lost under a starry sky and at under that sky always discern north.
  • Sorcerous instinct: A Gnoll with levels in any class that allows charisma-based spontaneous spellcasting, such as a bard or sorcerer, may use his Wisdom score instead of his Charisma score for determining his bonus spells and saving throw difficulty.
  • Automatic Languages: Gnoll and a language of their homeland.
  • Favored Class: Sorcerer.


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