Greater God

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: War, Strength, Trickery, Destruction, Chaos

Symbols: Crossed swords, A spiked helmet

Favoured weapon: Katana and wakizashi

Appearance: Hanchiman the Shrewd is a gaunt, but muscular, figure, with powerful arm and a demonic hobgoblin face. His eyes resemble fiery pits, his mouth is full of razor sharp teeth. He is clad in a traditional spiked ornate mail armor. In combat he favours the katana and wakizashi.

Personality: The warrior god despises rules and chains. For this he hates Ebisu and will attack him on sight. Only the thrill of battle holds his attention. He is a fierce, bloodthirsty god that cares not for the weak of body and mind. Hachiman believes that both strength of body and keenness of mind are needed to be a great warrior.

Offerings: Like all members of the San Shrewd Hachiman demands sacrifice from his followers. These sacrifices come in the form of traditional combat or in the form of taking the life of a foe.

Followers: All hobgoblins pay homage to the god of war, but fighters and rogues especially are drawn to his teachings. His clerics travel the countryside and bless and join war bands. Hachiman rules over the heart and soul of hobgoblins.


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