In Bellög man and Dwarf are firm allies. Dwarves from Bakkesat regularly make the journey to Kesma and Vuorilas and mingle with humans. Although the chance is small, sometimes Half-dwarves come forth out of their relations. They are a rare race, that does not draw attention because of their human appearance.

Half-dwarves do not grow to be as tall as their human kin, and they share their Dwarven ancestors broad build. Men often have thick beards, women do not. Half-dwarves have no culture of their own and tend to adopt the fashion of the community around them.

Dwarf and man are blood brothers. Ever since the first colonists met they have fought evil together. Their cultures and worlds are both adventurous enough to ensure contact in many different ways. The last thousand years or so Half-dwarves have become a more prominent race that is well accepted in both Dwarven and human lands. Both races tend to call Half-dwarves Nugs, because of their reduced size and gruff personalities.

In general Half-dwarves inhabit human lands, where they do manual labour. Their Dwarven parent is often an adventurer that got along well with the more liberated humans. Some Half-dwarves inherit an adventurous spirit and travel to Dwarven lands, where they become especially esteemed as they get along well with both Dwarves and visiting humans. Here they tend to perform public roles, such as merchants or priest.

Human culture tends to be more flexible than Dwarven culture, which explains why Half-dwarves often feel more at home among humans. As they are often brought up among humans Dwarves tend to see them as free spirited. Dwarves know however the importance of keeping close ties to human visitors, who are often generous traders, especially in harbour cities. They hire Half-dwarves because they seem a bit closer to their own kin, although they get along with the other common races better than Dwarves do. Other common races have difficulty spotting the difference between the Half-dwarves and humans, although the broad shoulders ensure Half-dwarves steady physical work wherever they go.

Human and Dwarven parents raise Half-dwarves as they would their other children. By comparison to humans Half-dwarves tend to be broad, strong and mature rapidly. Because of this accidental injuries to their human siblings or friends are common place. Conversely those Half-dwarves raised by Dwarven parents quickly learn they are not as sturdy as their Dwarven peers.

Like humans and Dwarves, mature Half-dwarves often develop a great sense of community and responsibility. They seldom see the need to start communities of their own.

Half-dwarves often worship the traditional gods of their communities, although some turn to Ilmarinen later in their lives.


  • Medium: As Medium creatures, Half-dwarves have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Half-dwarf base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Darkvision 60 ft.
  • Stability: A Half-dwarf gains a +2 bonus on ability checks made to resist being bull rushed or tripped when standing on the ground (but not when climbing, flying, riding, or otherwise not standing firmly on the ground).
  • +1 racial bonus on saving throws against poison.
  • +2 racial bonus on saving throws against arcane spells and spell-like effects.
  • Dwarf Blood: For all effects related to race, a Half-dwarf is considered a Dwarf.
  • Automatic Languages: One of the common languages or Dwarven.
  • Favored Class: Any.


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