Greater God

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Earth, Good, Protection, Strength

Symbols: A hammer and anvil, a snowy mountain

Favoured weapon: Warhammer

Appearance: Long and wild as flames glow the long red hairs of Ilmarinen. He is never seen without his glistening, adamantine, full plate and a huge, glowing warhammer. Usually he appears in the form of a broad Dwarf, although he sometimes takes the form of a human.

Personality: Ilmarinen is the protector of Dwarvenkind. He is constantly vigilant to help the innocent. When Dwarves get into trouble he sometimes sends them prophetic dreams or visions about the places of sacred weapons. He sometimes disguises himself and travels through Dwarven lands to test the hearts and courage of his people.

Offerings: There are no churches for Ilmarinen. His clerics are travelling Samaritans. Ilmarinen feels offerings are irrelevant, he rather sees his followers working to help other and spread his words.

Followers: The Dwarves of Bakkesat are the most common followers of Ilmarinen. He is revered as both god and hero in Bakkesat and stands next to Ukko as the leader of the pantheon. His followers wear his symbols on armour and shields and carry his word in their heart.


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