Type God: Greater God

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Law

Symbols: A naked woman, a cross with rounded ends

Favoured weapon: Sap

Appearance: Although almost as old as the universe itself, Ilmatar has eternal life and does not look a day over thirty. She is slender, with broad hips and heavy breasts and has smooth blonde hair down to her buttocks. Her blue eyes always seem to smile and her face shines like the sun. She wears a long dress, woven with sunlight and wears a diadem in which eight stars shine, one for each of her children.

Personality: Ilmatar is the mother of gods and humans. She is overtly protective. She is caring, good natures and reliable. Although she cares about men and gods alike, she especially loves Ukko and Vainamoinen, whom she regards as her favoured child.

Offerings: Ilmatar asks no offerings from her clerics, only gentleness and care towards others. Countless prayers and lullabies are sung in her honour. Women pray to the mother when they are with child or for protection of their newborns.

Followers: Good men and women worship Ilmatar and she has a special place in the heart of all other good creatures.


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