Lesser Goddess

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Domains: Evil, Death, Plant, Water

Symbols: A black willow

Appearance: Obsidian are the nails and eyes of Kiputytto, the Mother of Decay. She is a stick thin woman with bony limbs and dead hair, shrouded in a black robe. On her black belt rot the ears and fingers of her enemies and in her right claw-like hand she carries a rusted, razor sharp sickle. Her left hand is nothing but a ragged shard of bone, the remains of what was crushed in a battle with Mielikki, long ago.

Personality: The heart of the Mother of Decay knows no love and no good. She is a jealous, scared women whose touch makes all life drain away. She clings to life desperately and is always afraid one of the gods will come and claim her life. She has a deep hatred towards all things beautiful and blossoming, especially her sister Ilmatar. She despises her own followers and will never willingly help anyone.

Offerings: Offerings to Kiputytto are always a grisly affair to behold. Intelligent people or animals are trapped in a well until the meat literally starts to fall off their bones. Their rotting corpses are hauled up and the fetid meat is devoured raw in nauseating orgies.

Followers: Witches and poisoners worship the Mother of Decay, as do some evil elves.


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