Demi Goddess

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Domains: Fire, Knowledge, Magic, Trickery

Symbols: A black, broken stick or twig

Personality: Louhi, the witch, is a treacherous and powerful mortal, whom even the gods come to for advice. As a reward for her knowledge she asked Hiisi and Loviathar for a part of divinity and for centuries she used her powers to rule over the other gods. However, as her powers waned the day came when she was forced to step down. She remains an immortal, evil wizard who one is best not to trifle with an unimaginable knowledge of the universe. Louhi is greedy for knowledge and power and hopes to someday ascend to godhood again.

Offerings: Because Louhi is no longer a goddess only the most ancient beings sacrifice to her. Some gods make little puppets out of twigs which they burn in her name.

Followers: Some giants, evil undead, devils and elementals still root for Louhi and pray for her return.


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