Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Evil, Law, Strength, Water

Symbols: A white dagger in a slender hand

Appearance: At first sight Loviathar appears to be a beautiful, slim young woman with porcelain skin and curly blond hair. On a closes look it becomes clear that her hands are wrinkled and claw-like, with sharp red nails. He eyes glow with a seething hatred towards everything that lives. She arms herself only with a razor sharp dagger that dangles from a belt of human skin. This grotesque piece of clothing is the only thing that covers her nudity.

Personality: Loviathar is cold and calculating. She cares for none but herself. Her children, the cruel Orcs, are her essence in flesh. She would never trouble herself to help another, but is smart enough to cooperate if it is in her best interest. She always follows her word, although she goes out of her way to formulate agreements in a way that benefit her most.

Offerings: Only the cruellest Orcs offer to Loviathar. Shamans and clerics blood let and torture intelligent creatures and wait for their blood to freeze on stone altars. Sometimes her face appears in the carnage to witness the death of her victims. Her more moderated followers slay their dying enemies in her name, but these followers Loviathar views as weaklings.

Followers: Orcs worship Loviathar, but so do cults of evil men and Half-Orcs. Their white, porcelain masks hide their grins while victims beg for death to take them.

Artwork: Tim van Vugt


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