Lesser Goddess

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Animal, Chaos, Good, Plant

Symbols: A tree, a dryad

Favoured weapon: Long bow

Appearance: Mielikki never looks the same. With the seasons her hair and eyes shift in colour, from green in summer, beige in autumn, white in winter. She always looks like a slender young female elf, with braided hair, bare feet and an armour of woven leaves. On her back she carries a tall, ornate dragonwood bow.

Personality: Mielikki is the patron goddess of Elves and the woodlands. Her personality shifts along with her appearance. Although in summer it is impossible to anger her, in winter her behaviour cools, revealing her cool side. She cares much for Elvenkind, with their love for nature, and all creatures from the woods. Woe however, those that dare defile her realms. Lumberjacks often plant a seed for every tree they fell, to appease the goddess.

Offerings: The goddess of the trees despises the sacrifice of living creatures. Seeds are planted and gardens watered in her honour. Also, carving her likeness in wood is customary in the lands around Mielikki’s Arms. A large number of prayers exist for the goddess, each of them whispered under the cover of the canopy.

Followers: All good inhabitants of the forest worship Mielikki, but Elves in particular. He followers are typically good natured and respectful towards living creatures. They are often druids and rangers.


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