Thieves can be found in every time, in every city on every plane. Rogues are scoundrels that specialize in taking advantage of their foes’ weaknesses. They come in many forms, from rather elegant tricksters in larger towns to rough thugs that roam the wilds in gangs. All rogues have in common are their ability to sneak attack, extended skills needed to con, survive or escape, and professional slipperiness.

Rogues come in countless forms and sizes, so their reasons to go on adventures are diverse. Some have an insatiable hunger for material possessions, be it gold or magic items, others enjoy honing their skills, feel responsible for those that grew up in a poor neighborhood or town, or actively oppose their leaders. Every town larger than a hamlet in Bellög at least has one small thieves guild. Depending on the alignment of their leaders, these guilds steal, murder and cheat the commoners or help the cause of good by exploring long forgotten dungeons and selling the artifacts they find.

Generally rogues are best off having a high dexterity score, as it helps them with many of their skills and boosts their armor class. Different types of rogues benefit from different other ability scores. As representative and refined spokesman of a party, a rogue will need a high charisma score to aid him in social encounters.

Although most rogues tend towards a chaotic disposition, there are rare ones that choose to obey rules, law and tradition. Rogues can be of any alignment.

Most rogues worship traditional religions of the pantheon. Evil rogues, and even some neutral ones, are drawn to worship Hiisi as a trickster god. A smaller number of non-halfling rogues is drawn to the teachings of Matias, as a god of luck and prosperity.

Becoming a Rogue
Rogues come from many different backgrounds. Some are self-taught, others learn from either a mentor, or join a guild as an apprentice. Rogues do not tend to see each other as comrades, even those taught under the same master often have a degree of professional rivalry, although not often to the point of open hostility. Gangs of rogues, united under strong leaders, are often fiercely loyal to their cause, however, because rats are often dealt with in the harshest manners possible.

Rogues come from all layers of society and from all races. Halflings, with their glib tongues and talents in hiding, make especially formidable rogues.

Their skills and talent in scouting ahead makes rogues welcome companions in adventuring parties. Some rogues take up roles of warrior, spokesperson or even healer (with the assistance of magical items) with ease. Not all people trust rogues, as some see them as criminals. Well-meaning rogues take care not to showcase their skills too openly.


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