Smiley Matias

Lesser God

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Luck, Protection, Trickery

Symbols: A smiling mouth, a clover, a shiny coin

Favoured weapon: Short sword

Appearance: Smiley Matias is a fat, smiley Halfling with dark eyes and thick brown curls. His eyebrows meet in the middle of his face, above a cute button nose. He walks barefoot and generally wears a white shirt with a vest. A large coin purse dangles on his belt and in his hand he holds a honey roasted chicken thigh.

Personality: Matias is the protector of Halflingkind, ascended to a deity because of his many admirers. Once he was a simple farmer boy that found a Troll treasure. He is a kidder that never takes anything too seriously. He is always up to something, if he isn’t resting or eating. This behaviour makes him unreliable, at best, so he almost never actually helps his followers. Not that Matias is evil, he is only impulsive: he is the youngest god ever to exist.

Offerings: Halflings offer Matias golden coins with the hopes of finding wealth and happiness. These coins are tossed into wishing wells, especially in the one next to Laughing Matias’ own tavern. This large, rickety wooden structure is open every day of the year and always packed with Halfling pilgrims. It is ran by the great-great grandchildren of Matias, or so they claim, and it is located in the village centre of Saporrti, a village in Merma. Every year halflings throw large parties on the last day of winter and children re-enact the story of the brave god.

Followers: Only Halflings worship Matias and are very proud of their deity.

Smiley Matias

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