Sorcerers are those with the power to control the fifth and most powerful element, magic, instinctively. Each sorcerer grasps different spells, or tethers, that connect him or her to the Allfather, the primal god of life. This link determines their powers, their personalities and goals. Despite their reliance on this ancient being, many sorcerers aren’t truly aware of their bond: the Allfather visits them in cryptic dreams, but they are quick to dismiss these visions as imagination. Because they are able to wield great power with little practice, sorcerers are envied or feared by most of the common people.

Sometimes shunned from their families or clans at a very vulnerable age, many sorcerers are drawn into the life of an adventurer. Their ties to the Allfather provide them with prophetic dreams, urging them to help others, or cause great suffering. Some sorcerers see adventuring as a natural way to train their surfacing powers.

Charisma determines the strength of the sorcerer’s bond to the Allfather. The higher their charisma score, the higher is the level of spells they master. A high constitution and dexterity score help the sorcerer to survive the harsh life of an adventurer.

Sorcerers come from all ways of life and can be of any alignment.

Although the spellcasting ability of sorcerers is the product of their direct link to the Allfather, only few know of, or acknowledge, his existence. Because most sorcerers do not have anything in common but their abilities, they believe in different ideals and worship a wide variety of gods.

It is unknown how the first sorcerer came to be, but their abilities date back to the time of the birth of the first common folk. Children with strangely colored hair or eyes came into the world, children with the ability to summon the elements. They were seen as chosen by the gods and treated with great care and respect. As the time went by the sorcerers mixed with the general population, causing their formidable powers to wane.

These days the powers of most sorcerers emerges during a late stage of infancy. Most of them appear like a normal member of their race, although the spark of magic may manifest itself in the form of an unusual eye-color, a bright lock of hair, the smell of rain in their clothing or a faint rumbling sound that sometimes seems to emanate from nowhere in particular.

Becoming a Sorcerer
Unlike most classes you are born as a sorcerer and via training and experience learn to utilize your full potential. Most sorcerers are self taught. As they find out about themselves, they go on a quest to learn about their abilities and see the world. This journey is sometimes, although not always, instigated by a familiar, a magical creature which is connected to the sorcerer on a spiritual level. Familiars often become among the sorcerer’s closest friends, as their bond grows stronger over time. Few sorcerers learn to handle their abilities from a mentor or grandparent, instead, magical ability tends to skip a generation. Especially among gnolls and elves sorcerers are treated with utmost respect. Their tribes and clans often have a mentor accompanying them, one that takes responsibility for all young spellcasters.

Sorcerers are born from every race. A sorcerer of any race might be drawn to the life of an adventurer, although especially gnolls make formidable ones. Half-elves, which combine the best of human and elf, can become excellent sorcerers as well.

Adventuring parties are sometimes lead by a sorcerer. Sorcerers tend to accept their companions as a new family, for which they care deeply. A sorcerer is a useful ally because of his innate understanding of magic and his powerful personality.


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