Greater god

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Death, Law, Strength, War

Symbols: A shackled, bloody spear

Favoured weapon: Longspear

Appearance: Surma often appears on the battlefield, in the form of a horrid hound with a snake’s tail that devours the dead whole. When resting Surma, curiously enough, often appears like an Orc, or Half-orc, with broad jaw and dark, thick eyebrows, clad in chainmail.

Personality: At home mostly on the battlefield, Surma is the god that takes lives of casualties of war. He is not evil, he sees it as his duty to obey the laws of life and death. Although most gods wish their followers could live forever, Surma knows that the world needs death as much as life. Eating the dead is a chore to the god, he takes no pleasure in it, just like he takes no pleasure in bringing souls to the elemental plane and guardian them, it is simply his duty. Surma is an apathetic, quiet god, who never interferes in matters of life and death.

Offerings: Followers of Surma chant his name while taking the lives of their foes. They know that their god will take every soul. What they do not know is that their god sooner sees these souls as a burden than a boon. He sees war as a natural phenomenon.

Followers: Typically warmongering clerics, fighters and barbarians follow Surma. These followers are seen as fools by his more dedicated, learned clerics, who have no love for death, but never go out of their way to avoid conflict.


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