Greater God

Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Air, Earth, Water, Fire

Symbols: A fist with metal gauntlet

Favoured weapon: Staff

Appearance: Susanowa, or Great Susanowa as he is often revered to, resembles a muscular hobgoblin, always surrounded by a shroud of grey storm clouds. His braided hair dances around him in the wind. He hides his face behind a dark, demonic mask. Great Susanowa wields a hooked decorated wooden staff.

Personality: The storm god is also called the heart of the San. He stands between Ebisu and Hachiman and allows them to coexist. He adheres to strict rules, but his different reactions to violations are make him unpredictable.

Offerings: Unlike the other members of the San, Great Susanowa accepts offerings great and small. His followers leave food on the edge of the forest, or on the windowsill, or slaughter small animals is his favour. Often coins are tossed in the sea or in lakes in his honour.

Followers: All wise hobgoblins pay homage to Great Susanowa. Especially those about to travel and farmers. Susanowo is a mighty god who created and rules the world.


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