The Era of Giants

Hiisi and Loviathar did not win graciously. They ordered their troops to burn temples and devour the common folk. The feast lasted for many weeks, with pyres high as mountains, but when the joy passed Louhi re-appeared. As a reward for her help she demanded no less than half the strength of both Hiisi and Loviathar. The evil gods got more from her than what they had bargained for. Loviathar decided to keep to the bargain and rewarded the witch with half her strength, but Hiisi did not plan to keep his word. Still tired and weakened after the long and destructive war, he felt the old woman was ruining his glorious victory. He decided she had to disappear. Not knowing Louhi already held half Loviathar’s powers he attacked the old woman in blind rage. To his surprise Louhi appeared to be an equal match to his divine strength. His attack ended in a draw and Hiisi was forced to retreat.

In the mountains he sought for a way to punish the witch and once gain called to the strength of the Giants. What he had not realised was that Louhi knew how to control the Giants better than he did. Defeated by his own army he and his remaining Goblins fled into the deep woods. The Hobgoblins, left deserted in the battle between the gods, retreated south and east to eventually start their own empire with their own gods. Loviathar distanced herself from the weak goblins and created minions of her own: the Orcs. Now Louhi, in Hiisi’s absence, ruled Bellög for many centuries. Under her rule she offered the gods parts of her realm. Loviathar was rewarded with a snowy mountain home and was tasked with overseeing sacrifice. Surma was given the netherworld. Kiputytto, the black widow, she made goddess of disease, death and transience. Louhi herself ruled over all living creatures, wood and sea. With the powers of Hiisi and Loviathar she was a force the be reckoned with.

But no one could steal from Loviathar unpunished. What she had not mentioned in the deal was that the transfer of power was temporary. Over the centuries the Louhi’s powers started waning until one day she lost control over the Giants. One by one the Giants rebelled. The evil gods smelled weakness and a struggle for power ensued. Hiisi returned to claim his throne. With their strength divided the good gods also saw a chance to reclaim power. They guided the common folk back to the continent.

Although they were physically powerful the Giants made poor rulers. They intermarried to keep bloodlines pure and their intelligence rapidly waned. The magic that fed their bodies seeped back into the mountains. The common folk broke the chains of slavery and were free once again. They drove their enemies into the mountains, into the North and into the deep woods. A time of relative peace dawned, the Era of men.

The Era of Giants

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