The Era of Gods

The Father, Ukko, discovered the world one day on a hike through the forest. He found a duck’s nest which held two eggs. These eggs were unlike any egg he had ever seen. When he brought them to The Mother, Ilmatar, she explained to him they were magical. Each eggs contained its own universe under the scale. The large white egg held the world of Bellög, the world of humans, The Father and Mother loved this egg very much. The other egg, small and grey, held a dark world, the realm of goblins. The gods were as happy as they were surprised when they held the eggs in their hands and decided to share the news with their friends. Many were jubilant with the thought of creating their own world and they worked tirelessly to make Bellög hospitable. The gods accepted men as their own children and revealed themselves to them.

The other eggs did not receive any of the god’s love. Because it was dark and small the gods did not care much for it at all. But not all gods loved Bellög. Hiisi, the god of evil, and Loviathar, goddess of pain, were not involved in the creation of the worlds. They became very upset with The Father and Mother and for a while a terrible war seemed inevitable.

The war may have been if not for the hero Vainamoinen and his cleverness. He came with a ruse to lull the wicked gods attention. One day he spoke to Hiisi and promised him the black egg for himself, so that they may have their own world. The evil gods, unaware of the beauty of the larger egg agreed with the bargain. Ilmatar, impressed with the cleverness of her child offered Vainamoinen the gift of immortality. With the threat of war off the table a busy time came for the gods. The Father and Mother focussed on man. Father taught him to hunt and cultivate, helped him stand straight, fight and pray. He divided the chores among the pantheon. Mother showed the women what to forage, how to knit, sew, weave and care. Shee appointed goddesses to protect man and his children. Atho created the lakes, rivers and seas, and showed man to swim and fish, how water could be his friend.

Hiisi and Loviathar build their own realm where the other gods were not welcome. The nights here are long and black, so sunlight does not touch the brow of those that dwell there. They treated their people cruelly, like slavers – and their people feared them. Life would not blossom in their world, only negative energy sprung richly. The only living creatures that roam in that realm are Goblins, wicked and misshapen. It did not take long for Hiisi and Loviathar to invite the other gods to their realm with wicked intentions. They lured and locked the good gods in the deepest cave and collapsed the entrance behind them. With their godly strength ebbing away in the blackness the good gods feared their end was nigh. If not for Vainamoinen it might have been. One again he came to rescue them. With his friend Kullervo he freed the gods from that dark tomb. Hiisi and Loviathar swore revenge and before the good gods could intervene they cursed Kullervo that he would one day hurt those close to him. Despite the spell Ilmatar granted him immortality as well, although he would be the last man to receive a gift that splendid.

War broke out between the netherworld and Bellög. This war lasted many generations and the evil gods saw their goblin minions vanquished by light day in and day out. They saw that they would never win if they played fair, so they came up with a plan. With the blood of Kullervo they made a new, more powerful Goblin race: the Hobgoblins. These creatures were stronger, more disciplined and more dangerous. Hobgoblins turned out to be fierce opponents, and for a while it seemed they would turn the tide in the war. Eventually, however, not even the Hobgoblins could fight off Elf, Dwarf and men together. In their desperation Hiisi and Loviathar went to see the wicked crone Louhi and asked her for a way to win the war. She told them of a forbidden ritual, dangerous and painful, to summon the very mountains to fight.

Hiisi slit his veins and let his black blood down the tops of the mountains. The tops greedily drank the dark drink, longing to exist. And so the first Giants arose and soon overthrew the good goods and their people. Elf, Dwarf and men became their slaves. So came an end to the time of gods and started the time of Giants.

The Era of Gods

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