The Origins of the Universe

Once there was a void. Then they became. Four elements filled space, were unimaginably large, immense entities. In a lifetime a man may never begin to grasp their being. They were of such size they could do nothing but become one. So the universe was created. Tired of their work, the Allfather, now a single, omnipotent being, fell into a deep slumber for eternity.

The Allfather was now himself a world, an immense plane, and he kept shrinking down as he dreamed. From his body shapes appeared. Tiny figures became giants, gods and a bounty full forest. This primeval forest was home to all creatures. While the Allfather slept his children discovered the way of the universe and eventually they were able to create worlds of their own. It was so the young universe extended world, after world, after world..


Primal God

Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Magic, Water

Symbols: Five elements in a ring

Appearance: The Allfather is as large as the cosmos. A being so gigantic and powerful it cannot be understood by the minds of lesser beings, such as mortals or even gods. A philosopher once described it as all there is, was and will be at the same time.

Personality: While the father sleeps he cares not for the problems of the universe. Some are sensitive to his dreams and see glimpses of his endless perception.

Offerings: Both good and evil, god and mortal pay homage to the Allfather. Often they chose a single element and allow it to devour their sacrifice.

Followers: Only few mortal cults know of the Allfather’s existence, but all gods do. All who do know him at least sometimes pay homage to him. It is unexplained why some men are able to read the dreams of the Allfather, but most who do are able to channel his power into arcane magic. All creatures with magical abilities are rumoured to have a close tie to the Allfather. His clerics often pick a single element which symbolises their view of life or their goals.

The Origins of the Universe

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