The Shining Path

Lesser God

Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Travel

Symbols: A starry sky

Favored weapon: Javelin

Appearance: The night sky has no physical, humanoid form. All the stars in the sky, seen from the world, embody it. Gnolls say it looks like an immense Gnoll, shaped out of light and darkness, with starry eyes, clad in nebulae.

Personality: The Shining path is a completely detached deity. Whether it is not aware of the world and its followers, or simply doesn’t care is unknown. Gnolls have such strong ties to their deity, however, they can feel it and experience the world through it with equal ease. Even the other gods have no bond with the Shining Path, making it as illusive as it is aloof.

Offerings: Gnolls whisper the name of the Shining Path and offer prayers and songs to their god.

Followers: Some sages follow the path, or at least make attempts at studying it. Gnolls, however, form the lion’s share of the followers of the Path. They have worshiped the deity for thousands of years, all the way back to when the first nomads viewed the sky from the plains.

The Shining Path

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