Greater God

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Air, Good, Law, Protection, War

Symbols: A burning sword

Favoured weapon: Long sword

Appearance: The god Ukko is often depicted as a wise, grizzled old man, a powerful warrior, leader and protector. He wears his long, grey hair in braids and sports a trimmed beard. He is clad in a robe woven from night and bears a breastplate that glistens like the stars in the heavens. His ink black cape coils like a living thing and dangles from his neck with a clasp made from moonlight. In his hand Liekkie, the Flame, burns, the weapon hammered from the first light of the sun by Ilmarinen.

Personality: Ukko is a friendly, but serious, old man with a love for all beings of good. Being a chief deity he rarely meddles in the business of mortals.When a loyal follower calls for his aid he typically sends a Walkure to offer aid.

Offerings: The common folk sometimes sacrifice animals for Ukko, but liquor and fine food is more common. On the first day of the year people celebrate in his honour.

Followers: Ukko is the god of all good creatures, but honourable warriors, such as fighters and paladins, often fight in his name.


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