Lesser god

Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Air, Knowledge, Magic

Symbols: A feather, a crescent moon

Favoured weapon: Quarterstaff

Appearance: The large head of the god of dreams and knowledge is bald. His wrinkled, relaxed face bears a thick white moustache. He is often seen wearing loose, blue or purple, robes and comfortable sandals. Often he is depicted as a Halfling, Elf or human.

Personality: Untamo a lazy, apathetic god. He only awakes briefly each decade or so to read from his endless library. In his dreams the god sees and feels almost everything at the same time, although he never uses his visions to intervene.

Offerings: Some people say that sleeping is an homage to Untamo. In hidden circles some of his more adamant followers use strange magic and rituals to appease their deity.

Followers: Wizards and those seeking knowledge worship Untamo. It is also believed that Gnolls have a strange connection to the god, although it remains a mystery.


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