Winds race over the dunes of Aalolaar on a lovely, half-cloudy day. Seven stone piers jut of out the coast, each covered in barnacles and teeming with sailors. Jarl Ordin watches every trader with care, everything is checked and registered. The wooden houses on the shore are painted in colours of red and green and decorated with shells. The squares between the dunes are trod on by people of all shapes and sizes. From the highest dune one can barely make out the wooden towers of the jarl’s fort between the trees.

Aalolaar is ruled by jarl Odin, a slim, muscular man with dark hair. He sports a well maintained, dark curly moustache and has dreamy high cheekbones. With his sea blue eyes he is a favourite among women, although the leader has so far refused to marry.

Although there seem to be no guards in Aalolaar, there also seem to be no problems. Ordin has a group of serious, subtle guards that keep order behind the screens. Thieves and murderers tend to disappear without trace. Laws in town are simple: do not steal, do not kill, do not cause trouble for others. The servants of Ordin are free to interpret these laws to ensure business goes smoothly. How Ordin pays these man is a mystery, but some merchants whisper that the jarl trades in stolen goods himself.

The streets of Aalolaar are always calm. Lights and drinking songs come from many taverns which have colourful names painted on the fa├žades. Even the beggars in Aalolaar are quiet, they just look around vigilantly from under their black hoods.

Mostly humans live in Aalolaar. The town also has a growing Dwarven district. Many of them are fishermen and merchants.

Places of Interest

The Devil Egg
This draughty bar is maintained by a skinny man called Barend. The taproom is divided in separate booths, divided by wicker screens, which makes it a popular place for secret meetings. Barend, a skinny man with a gut and a goatee, has a reputation for serving every drink ever made.

Seawind Fortress
The ruler of Aalolaar traditionally lives here. In stands on the edge of the town, surrounded by dunes and trees. It has four magnificent wooden towers, a stable that houses over fifty horses and a famed workshop for siege weaponry.


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