Gnoll Barbarian

Gnoll barbarians zijn wervelwinden van woede. Hun ontvlambare karakter maakt de meeste gnoll vechters extra gevaarlijk. Ze staan bekend om hun vechtstijl, die ze bloot stelt aan aanvallen. Gnoll barbarians geloven in een offensief over een verdediging. Ze stormen razend snel op vijanden af, om ze zo snel mogelijk uit te schakelen.

Gnoll Barbarian Racial Substitution Levels

Level Bab F/R/W Special
1 1 2/0/0 Powerful Charge, Rage 1/day
3 3 3/1/1 Rush
9 9/4 6/3/3 Pounce
12 12/7/2 8/4/4

Class Features

A gnoll barbarian loses fast movement and trap sense, but gains other advantages. They do not gain trap sense from other barbarian levels, even if the PHB would indicate so.

Powerful Charge: While charging, a gnoll barbarian deals an extra 1d6 damage, or and extra 1d8 while raging.

Rush: While raging, gnoll barbarians may charge through difficult terrain, taking movement penalties as normal.

Pounce: While raging, a charging gnoll barbarian may make a full attack as if they have not moved at all. They still suffer the -2 to AC.

Overwhelm: While raging, a charging gnoll barbarian may make a free bullrush attempt as part of their charge. Instead of moving the opponent, they map opt to topple them over, gaining +4 to hit as normal when striking at a prone foe.

Gnoll Barbarian

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