Large town: Narina
Population: Humans (40%), dwarves (30%), halflings (20%), other (10%).
Exports: Ships, artifacts, stolen goods
Languages: Vesi (Merma), Metsä (Kesma), Vuori (Vuorilas), Dwarven.
Government: Monarchy. The Red King rules Barbossa.
Symbol/flag: A skull and a kraken.

Barbossa is pirate kingdom that separated from Kesma over a hundred years ago. The jarls do not recognize it as independent, but as many merchants depend on Narina, the jarls are forced to quietly tolerate it. Evil still roams the land, that mostly consists of impenetrable bogs and low, chalky hill ranges. In the east one finds the Pillage Woods where legends say a great evil sleeps. The only settlement, Narina, lies on the coast. Here the pirates get by, day by day, by fighting or bartering with the evil creatures in the swamp. They offer a safe haven for travelers and merchants, albeit at a price. The pirates do often not consciously intervene in what goes on the swamp, they generally care only about profit.

Places of interest

The Grizzled Moor
This ancient swamp was once the scene of a large battle between human and orc, a battle history refers to as the Battle of the Wetlands. Sages believe it announced the end of the dominant presence of man in the south. The blood of warriors still stains the gnarled trees and mossy rocks between the gray, weedy water. At night the dead shamble between the ruins of human settlements.

The Rust Hills
Iron deposits in these hills make the water that seeps between the stones resemble blood. Inhabitants of Kesma believe the hills are cursed ground. Rumors circulate that the commanders of the armies that fought in the Battle of the Wetlands dueled on top of the hills in an attempt to end the bloodshed. Orc troops used the central hill as a storage for the bodies of fallen foes.

An ancient, lost harbor. A ghostly, shrouded ruin is all that is left of a once prosperous city. The mysterious fog reaches out to sea for several miles and many ships have been gobbled up in its embrace. Today people try their best to avoid the area all together, afraid of what dwells there.

The fortress was once founded by Dan of Wightpass, a paladin of Ilmatar, in an attempt to vanquish the evil from the swamp. One of the priests drawn to his noble cause was the priest Judiras, a comely young fellow. What nobody knew was that Judiras only posed as a priest of Ilmatar and in reality prayed to Surma, god of death. His preaching eventually got into the head of the demoralized soldiers that slowly withdrew into a dark, death obsessed reality of their own. One by one the darkness claimed their souls and they turned to worship death. One dark night the soldiers turned on Dan, burned the inner sanctum and claimed the fortress. To this day the haunted ruins remain a haven for smugglers.


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