The History of the World

- The Origins of the Universe
- The Era of Gods – During which the world was found and the gods fought amongst themselves
- The Era of Giants – During which the gods were bested by their own creations
- The Era of Humans – When the common folk, with divine guidance, returned to power

The Good Gods

- Atho – The lord of sea and river
- Ilmarinen – The Dwarven god of smithy and creation
- Ilmatar – The fertility goddess and mother of all gods
- Smiley Matias – The Halfling god of luck
- Mielikki – The Elven goddess of the forest and seasons
- Ukko – The god of justice, father of all gods

The Neutral Gods

- Surma – The god of death
- The Shining Path – The way of the stars and universe
- Untamo – The god of sleep, dreams and knowledge

The San

- Ebisu – The strict upholder of universal law
- Hachiman – The warrior god
- Susanowa – The storm god

The Evil Gods

- Hiisi – The god of lies and deceit, father of Goblins
- Kiputytto – The black widow, goddess of disease and rot
- Loviathar – The goddess of pain and cold
- Louhi – The witch, enemy of all gods

Notable Heroes and Villains

- Vainamoinen – An immortal hero and protector of the gods
- Kullervo – The treacherous half-god, father of Hobgoblins


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