Tuuli Virisi

Large city: Uusi Ilmavirta
Hamlets: The Dead Village, Ilmavirta, Muck, Valashaar
Population: Humans (60%), others (40%)
Export: Stolen goods.
Languages: Vesi.
Government: Monarchy. The Sea King, a wealthy pirate with a golden mask, whose real name is a secret, rules from a flying vessel.
Symbol/flag: White and blue waves.

The isles of Tuuli Virisi have always had a reputation for being a safe haven for pirates and smugglers. Reefs and sudden storms make the sea difficult to traverse and highly unpredictable. Only the most seasoned and capable sailors can bring a voyage between the islands to a safe end. The islands were, unofficially, claimed as a country by the Sea King, who rules it loosely, but demands tribute from all who sail his waters. His ship, the Flying Fish, is a legendary vessel that according to all accounts floats above the waves instead of on them. As long as the piracy confines itself mostly to this area it is unlikely the jarls will see the need to hunt the pirates down, although all rulers on the mainland recognize the twin jarls of Merma masters of the windjumps.

Places of interest

Bone Beach
During the full moon bones wash ashore on this deserted stretch of shore. The size and shape of the bones seems to change with every season. Some alien cults return to the beach to praise their forgotten deities and to build horrid effigies in their honor.

The Cursed City of Xoll’toth
Some believe that a different civilization very different from the common folk once ruled Bellög and they have often put the existence of this ruined city forward as evidence. The city is a strange, abandoned place, with seemingly endless streets of black obsidian, decorated with glowing alien runes. It lies part above and part below ground and part of it rests in the murky depths of a lake, although it remains unclear whether or not it was once build that way. Few explorers have dared to enter the cursed city and none have returned from its silent waters.

The Dead Village
These strange ruins lie on a half-flooded shore, choked in seaweed. Crooked, ruined huts of stone wood litter the coast haphazardly, separated by razor sharp walls, decorated with alien symbols. Obscure legends that speak of the civilization that lived here tell that they used to practice powerful, forbidden magics that eventually became their undoing. The waves still crash on the stones tirelessly, pounding against the foundations of something that could be more evil than it at first sight appears to be.

Fort Ashport
Fort Ashport was an attempt by the jarls of ages past to patrol and control the isles, an attempt that failed miserably. A particular violent eruption of the volcano Vuun showered the castle in smoldering ashes and all soldiers that did not escape in time were burned alive or choked. It is said that among the ruins the ghosts of those that fell on that night still dwell. None have dared to go back to the ruins ever since.

The Frothing Shore
Named for the viciousness of the waves that crash on the land, the Frothing Shore is home to a large number of scavengers that feed on the crew of the ships that wash up here.

The first great pirate port was attacked and sacked by a fleet of the jarls, generations ago. Although the town has been searched and pillaged countless times a great tome of magic, the Book of the Sea Witch, is rumored to remain hidden in the ruins somewhere.

Kraken’s Womb
Krakens are mythical octopi-like sea monsters that are believed to drag ships to the sea floor. They all hail from a giant cavern, half-emerged out of the brine. Who, or what, created the first of the krakens is unknown, but these creatures have an inexplicable attraction to this cave. During the late autumn, the water of the cave sloshes with the movement of dozens of krakens that return here to mate and lay their eggs. As the young krakens hatch several months later they feed on the carcasses of the krakens that return here to die.

The Silvermoor is a deserted stretch of land completely covered in tall grass. On sunny mornings the dewdrops on the grass seem like silver marbles. At the island’s exact center stand for large stone which are rumored to be a planar gate.

Vuun is a highly active volcano named after a hot-headed dwarven captain that first dared look into it. Before eruptions it is said strange fire creatures dance around the volcano to rile it up.

Tuuli Virisi

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